Friday, August 4, 2017

Kempty Falls Mussoorie travel guide and photos

Hey guys here you can check Kempty Falls travel guide, photos and things to do in kempty falls. Kempty falls is beautiful water fall located at the distance of around 14 km from Mussoorie (the queen Of hills). In every summer season thousands of tourists come here to enjoy the cold water stream to get relax from summer heatHistory behind this amazing waterfall is that, it was developed as a tourist spot by British officer John Mekinan in around 1835. Now it became the favourable of all youths and is counted in one of the best family Picnic spot near Mussoorie and Dehradun. Here are beautiful water parks and swimming Pools where you can enjoy swimming. It is very crowded in every Summer Season. Most of tourists who come to Mussoorie also visit here.

Kempty Falls Travel Guide and Tips

Kempty Falls (Campty Falls) is very easy to access. One can easily reach here by taking taxi or bus from Mussoorie Bus Stand. Distance from Mussoorie to Kempty Falls is around 14 Km. Waterfall is located just below the main Highway so here is no trekking to get the main place. Distance from Delhi to Kempty fall is around 310 km which takes around 7 hours by bus. Distance from Dehradun to Kempty falls is around 47 km which takes 1.45 hours by bus.  We will suggest you to avoid this water fall in monsoon season and during heavy rain.
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